Why we exist

Income for the Third Age Ltd (i3a) was established to support employers and employees with understanding their pension benefits and the HMRC tax regime that they operate within.

Our services support employers and employees through a combination of education and guidance to assist with  understanding of the value of your package and the choices you have.

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Pensions and Tax

Get some clarity!

Helping you understand your pension scheme and what the HMRC allowances may mean to you is our key purpose.

Our guidance and education sessions will bring you up to speed quickly and allow you to understand your choices and make the decisions that suit you.

We offer both group guidance through seminars - that are great for getting the basics under your belt and learning what the key issues are - and we offer individual sessions which go deeper into your particular area of need, whether that's specific questions, clarification or helping you estimate your pension and any potential tax liability.

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Consultancy services

Can we get you out of the woods?

Beyond our guidance and education services are many years of helping organisations with pension and reward options.

Whether you are re-structuring your business, reforming your pension, changing or introducing a policy or just want someone to bounce an idea off, give us a try.

We love to help - its in the bones - and with the experience gained working for others its likely that we can help you with your needs.

If we can't help you we most likely know someone who can.

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We want to help

Nothing makes us happier than helping people understand their pensions (that's a lie of course, there's loads of things we like better but it does give us a warm feeling).

Since 1995 our Founder and Director, Mark, has been working in the pensions industry helping employers and employees get a better understanding of their choices and understanding the value of what is likely to be their biggest asset after property (sometimes its even bigger than that!)

Now is the time to get to grips with this and understand what you have, how you can change it, and how best to get at it when you want to.

As we offer guidance and not advice, we help you understand your choices and you make the decisions that suit you.

Next Steps...

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