Our Approach

We want you to learn and we want you to enjoy doing so.

If you tell us what your needs are we will listen and suggest a plan that meets them and we will be clear about our fees when we do.

Tax and pensions can be dull and there's maths involved too! When we deliver we want you to enjoy the time we work together so we may laugh and make jokes but behind the humour is our deep wish that you come out the other side knowing more than when you went in. If you are happier too, bonus!

Our Story

After about 25 years in the business Mark took the leap and set up this business to help employers and employees understand their pensions better and have fun doing so.

Behind the decision to do so are many years of doing the same thing for some of the biggest consultancy firms in the UK in a variety of different roles and great experiences.

Underlying all of that is i3a's business plan;

Make money, have fun, make people happy!

That's it.

Meet the Team

Mark Belchamber

Founder and Director

Mark is the main man you will deal with. Known as "that pensions bloke" he fronts our delivery and writes the materials.

If not working he likes to ski and dive and meet mates for food, drink and a laugh.

Cathryn Pender

Shareholder and moral support

Cate is the key balance checker for i3a looking at Mark's ideas and bringing them to life in an improved way.

She provides feedback on new products, challenges the proposed solution or suggests a better way of helping people

Also a keen skier and diver (and lovely too).

Fiona Pender

Finance and SIL

Fi keep the  business straight with all things financial. She might call you if you haven't paid a bill or you might call her if we haven't.

Next Steps...

It's good to talk.  Give Mark a call on 07428 542143 and let's see if we can help.