There's no easy way to say this but every question has a different answer and there are no simple ways of providing guidance this way. But here's some additional information that may be useful

Can you help?

Normally the answer is yes. In one way or another we try and answer your question or refer you to someone else who can if appropriate - try us!

Do you see individuals or just companies?

We work with both. In the majority of our work we help individuals understand their pensions and how the tax rules work. But we also work for companies who want their employees to learn this. And we also work with organisations who want to understand what they need to do - call and tell us your needs.

What areas do you cover?

UK wide. We are based in Hampshire and have clients in Dorset, Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, London, Cambridgeshire, Bucks, Herts, and Newcastle. It just depends who wants what and when.